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Playground Rules


  • Children should not be in the building during recess
  • No closed games-must share equipment and games
  • Stay inside school boundaries.
  • No fighting/play fighting/tackling
  • No ball bouncing against walls and windows of buildings
  • Throw and kick balls in open areas only
  • Children should not be in the building before school or during recess
  • Don’t hang on the trees or pull off leaves
  • No tag in the play structures
  • Do not play by the east fence near the surrounding businesses
  • Do not go between, behind, or underneath the portables
  • No food on the playground
  • Throw your trash in the trashcan and help out by picking up trash that you come across on the playground
  • Do not hang on the trees and stay out of the boxes
  • No running on or around the playground equipment. Do not jump off the playground equipment



  • Swing on bottom
  • Both hands on chains
  • Do not kick off shoes
  • No Jumping
  • No Twisting
  • Do not wrap swings
  • Only one person per swing
  • Swing in a forward/backward motion
  • No Bumper swings
  • Do not walk between swings or go under swings
  • Slide on bottom feet first
  • Slide one at a time
  • Do not walk or run up the slide
  • The slide is only for sliding


  • Do not use clothing to twirl on bars
  • Do not stand on bars
  • Dome - This piece of equipment is only for climbing. No running or jumping off the dome or any equipment.


  • Follow standard rules for the game you are playing on the court
  • “Street Basketball” is not allowed

RUNNING TRACK - Students must always be moving in a counter-clockwise motion