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Past Projects

Robotics, Coding and Jazz - Nothing Better!



 4th and 5th grade students combined the music and history of jazz with robotics and coding using FINCH ROBOTS.  Working with a robotics loan from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute's CREATE lab, the library received a loan of 12 Finch robots that students used between January and May of 2016.


As a part of this project a partnership between Digital Arts & Technology Academy (DATA) and JKSIA was created by our school Instructional Coach, Elizabeth Kunz.  DATA high school mentors, under the direction of math and science instructor, Aaron Jawson,  met weekly with our students to assist JKSIA students as they researched and coded the Finches.  


During this time JKSIA was lucky to work with Carol Anne McGuire, Discovery Education Coach, who worked with students on understanding how music can connect to code.  The culminating project of this exciting endeavor was a music video combining Duke Ellington's "It Don't Mean A Thing" and our Finch Robots. 



Finch Research Links


Meet the Jazz musicians our Finches are named after. Click on the musician's name to learn more:



Louis Armstrong


Count Basie


John Coltrane


Miles Davis


Duke Ellington


Ella Fitzgerald


Dizzy Gillespie


Billie Holiday


Scott Joplin


Thelonious Monk


Sarah Vaughan


Mary Lou Williams